Column: Upgrading a standard screened porch


EXISTING PORCH: This home in the Woods of Williams Creek addition on the west side of Carmel included a fairly basic screened porch installed by the original builder. The porch extended to include an exterior deck landing and staircase. The goals for the project were to upgrade the screened porch, expand the deck footprint and upgrade the stairway down to the pool area. 

PORCH UPGRADES: Most of the existing porch walls, trim and ceiling was removed. New piers were installed, allowing the footprint of the porch and deck to be expanded into the backyard. A new set of French patio doors was installed connecting the porch to the kitchen. New double-screened doors were added to the other end of the porch, improving access to the deck. The ceiling received special detail with beading and coffers, and trimmed out with crown molding.

DECK DETAILS: The new deck and staircases were built using Trex Transcend composite decking in a lava rock color.

CABLE RAILING: A cable railing system, using powder coated newel posts and stainless steel cables, offered a more contemporary look and architectural interest to the structure. It also protected the view of the backyard from the upper porch. Cedar was used for the handrails and stained to match the new composite decking.

LIGHTING: Lighting was particularly important for safety, as well as aesthetics. LED accent lights were installed along the perimeter of the deck. Stair tread lighting was installed in a staggered pattern, allowing the steps to be lit using few fixtures.

PLANTER BOXES: To create a relaxing ambiance and privacy for the hot tub area, custom-built planter boxes were added to the tub decking. The boxes were framed in green treated wood and wrapped with the Trex material to match the new structure.

FINAL RESULTS: Good design transformed what could have been just an ordinary deck and staircase into a striking piece of architecture. Enhancing the already beautiful back yard, the new structure also offered the homeowners better views and increased functionality.