Rebalancing plan in Noblesville School board’s hands


Noblesville School Board members have a month to decide if they endorse the proposed plan to relocate some of the district’s elementary students. 

Due to large increases in enrollment at two elementary schools, the Noblesville School Board and district administration appointed a rebalancing committee to look at adjusting enrollment districts to accommodate the growth at those schools. Promise Road has 759 students and Noble Crossing has 682. Each has capacity for 730 students.

The plan presented to the board includes moving the following neighborhoods:

• Rivers Edge Apartments from Noble Crossing to North.

• The area bounded by Conner, Hannibal and 10th streets and Ind. 37 to move from Stony Creek to North.

• Fox Glen and Arbor Grove from Promise Road to Stony Creek.

• Monarch Springs, Fishers Oakwood and other students east of Promise Road and north of Ind. 32 or east of Ind. 37 and north of 186th Street from Promise Road to White River.

The committee presented its proposal at forums at all seven elementary schools during January and early February to allow for community feedback. It was presented to the school board at its Feb. 18 meeting and may be adopted at the March 18 meeting.

The last time the district rebalanced elementary schools not during redistricting was when Forest Hill closed in 2011.