Column: The remodel: Space planning improves master bath


EXISTING BATHROOM: The owner of this home in the Admirals Landing subdivision at Geist had lived with his master bathroom for almost 20 years. “The bathroom was old. Everything was black and white, the tiles needed regrouted and the faucets needed replaced. I wanted to change things and decided doing it piecemeal made no sense. So I decided to remodel the whole space.”

ELIMINATING LARGE TUB DECK: Eliminating wasted space was a goal for the project. “The master bath had a bad setup. The large tub deck under the window included wasted space on each end. I had two vanities but they were on opposite sides of the room and small.” The homeowner wanted to keep a tub in the space, and was hoping for a double vanity. The shower was well located and appropriately sized; therefore the new design did little to alter its footprint.

COORDINATING TILE & GRANITE: The owner wanted helping selecting the right materials. “I wanted granite countertops and tile in the shower and on the floors. My designer helped me narrow my choices so I ended up with what I liked.” The Colombian Sand floor tile was chosen to compliment the Alviana Noce shower wall tile. Maple cabinetry in a soft white color with a slate glaze contrasts the tropic brown granite countertops. Carrying the granite over to the tub deck, wall caps, shower seats, niche shelves and door sill provided a cohesive look.

FINAL RESULT: Removing the existing tub and decking left room for the new tub to be installed next to the shower. The shower was expanded slightly to provide a cohesive line between the shower and the tub. The opposite wall was filled with a large double vanity, greatly increasing the counter and storage space in the bathroom. Although the overall footprint was not expanded, the room felt much more spacious with the reconfiguration.