Opinion: Schools foundation needs your dollars


The Carmel Education Foundation, a not-for-profit funding operation, will host its 28th annual telethon next week in an effort to raise funds for education grants awarded to teachers throughout the Carmel Clay Schools. We like that, so much so, in fact, that we’ve signed on as a participating sponsor. So, naturally, we’d like to ask you to be sure to tune into CSTV (Brighthouse Ch. 99) the evenings of March 25-27 to make a donation; there will be a telephone number superimposed on the telecast of the recent Showcase performance. Dial it and donate, please. You also may donate at www1.ccs.k12.in.us/foundation/donate. The grants would help teachers to develop new curriculum, access new technology and provide other value-added educational opportunities for Carmel students. Recently, for example, hand-held radios, musical instruments, craft tools for life-skills students, web-based math-enrichment programs and planetarium software were purchased, and money also was allocated for tutor pay, among other initiatives. For more information, you may call executive directors Barb Danquist and Stephanie McDonald at 844.9961, ext. 1009.

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You might recall from previous tomes that we place a premium on research, and so it was with great interest that we read last week’s Wall Street Journal/NBC poll results. They pointed out that the overall electoral milieu for Democrats is worse than it was in 2010, when the Republicans had their best midterm performance since Harry S. Truman was president. President Barack Obama’s job-approval rating is at an all-time low of 41 percent. While Western Europe is at risk, among other crisis issues, Obama was playing golf. Of course he was. One other point: The poll respondents were divided on Obamacare, with 49 percent saying (as we have) that it’s a bad idea, and 39 percent saying it was a good idea. The bottom line here: The Republicans will find a way to screw up the advantage. Bank on it.