Bike repair stations now available along the Monon Trail in Carmel

There are now three free bike repair stations on the Monon Trail in Carmel. (Staff photo)
There are now three free bike repair stations on the Monon Trail in Carmel. (Staff photo)

By Adam Aasen

Carmel Clay Parks and the City of Carmel want to keep you pedaling. So if you get a flat tire on your bicycle while riding the Monon Trail here in town, there’s now a quick way to keep your wheels tires turning.

Public bike pumps and work stands were recently installed at both of the Monon Trailheads, 96th Street and Rohrer Road, and in Central Park between the Monon Community Center buildings.

There is also a public bike pump attached to the car bike rack on the corner of Main Street and the Monon Trail in the Carmel Arts & Design District.

Each bike work stand has eight tools tethered to them with a stainless steel cable to allow people to fix multiple parts of their bikes. The stands also have QR codes that cyclists can scan in with their phones to visit a Web site that has instructions on fixing common bicycle issues.

“The overall goal was to provide a better biking experience on the Monon in Carmel,” said David Littlejohn, alternative transportation coordinator for the city. “We hope to install more racks in other locations in the future.”

The bike repair stations were installed in May to celebrate Bike Month and were paid for within the Department of Community Service’s existing budget. Each work stand costs about $750 and each bike pump costs about $750 as well. They will be maintained by the parks department.

Carmel Clay Parks Director Mark Westermeier said officials plan to add stations to larger parks such as West Park and Founders Park.

“We believe as the public becomes more aware of the locations and ease of using the repair stations that they will help us determine both the type of station and the locations where they need to be installed,” he said. “We plan to start the project later this year and continue to add more during the next few years.”