Letter: High Horses



I’m new to the area and have really enjoyed reading the Current in Zionsville publication. However, one thing that is getting old in my short time here is the “back shop too conservative” attacks from “moderates.” The first sign of someone who is most definitely not moderate is the way overplayed “Fox News” line. It’s liberalism 101 – disagree with someone who is not liberal, claim they spew Fox News agendas. I guess only liberals have original thoughts. But my real point is this: 99 percent of any paper I’ve ever read is liberal-dominated. I read the publication and skip the opinion pieces if I find them “offensive” (which is rare since I consider all sides and views). So, Zionsville liberals- turn the channel! Just skip the Backshop and read the rest. It’s that simple. After all, it is THE VIEWS section. Respect a view that isn’t your own. And drop the Fox News bit. MSNBC anyone?

Steve Carmichael, 46077