Monon Center to raise prices


We recently reported that there were going to be many big changes for the Monon Community Center coming up soon, including new classes, new equipment and new marketing ideas.

One change that I was told about at was the possibility of price increases.

“Businesses see costs go up every year, you have to make incremental increases,” Carmel Clay Parks Director Mark Westermeier told me. “But our goal is to keep rates as low as possible. That’s part of our mission. Our goal isn’t to necessarily stay below the YMCA. We just want to have the highest quality product at the best rates possible.”

Well, letters have been sent out to homes letting people know that prices have gone up just slightly. The letter states that this is the first price increase in five years.

I don’t know all of the different price increases for all the different membership packages, but here’s a letter attached below.

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