Carmel City Councilor Finkam launches new website

A screen shot of the new website displays the “For the love of Carmel” logo. (Photo by Adam Aasen)
A screen shot of the new website displays the “For the love of Carmel” logo. (Photo by Adam Aasen)

City Councilor Sue Finkam has started a new website as a way to help bring citizens to engage and discuss “place making,” which is the process of planning and utilizing public spaces.

It’s called, For the Love of Carmel, located at, and it’s where interested attendees can sign up for very informal meetings. No PowerPoint presentations, just a chance to connect.

Finkam said she hopes these meetings will bring together a diverse group of citizens such as business owners, developers, architects, families and active volunteers.

According to the website: “We’ll highlight what’s great about Carmel, and what can be improved, as well as discuss what other communities around the U.S. are doing related to this topic (place making).”

Participants could discuss issues such as improving walkability, regulating backyard farming and creating meeting places. In the future, Finkam imagines this group could give their opinions on new ordinances or be a sounding board for developers.

Previous seen as a quieter voice on the City Council, Finkam has recently raised her public profile by leading the efforts on the first PorchFest event this year. She’s also written letters to the editor to spread her opinions on Carmel’s redevelopment plans.

Some on the City Council dismissed Finkam’s website as just a way to promote people who agree with her political opinions, but she said that’s not the case. She said it is privately funded out of her own pocket.

“Some are going to call it political because I’m an elected official and I’m championing it,” she said. “So be it. That’s not my intent. They’ll just have to show up and find out for themselves.”