Town of Zionsville asks for expedited appeal of reorganization decision


In the trial between the town of Zionsville and the town of Whitestown, Zionsville has taken further steps to ensure the reorganization with Perry Township takes effect in January.

Zionsville has now filed its appeal against Judge Rebecca McClure’s ruling, along with a request to expedite the appeal.

According to court documents: “this appeal arises from a trial court order holding – as a matter of first impression – that a reorganization between the Town of Zionsville and Perry Township in Boone County is unlawful under Indiana’s Government Modernization Act.”

Further, it states:

“The reorganization eliminates some offices and creates others, including the office of Mayor of Zionsville. The deadline for candidates to file for the primary election for these offices is Feb. 6, 2015. If the appeal is not resolved, voters in Zionsville and Perry Township would be disenfranchised because candidates could not be put on the ballot for offices created by the voter-approved reorganization. Indeed, the reorganization would eliminate Perry Township entirely. Until this appeal is resolved, there remains doubt about the township’s very existence…

Because a delay in the resolution of this appeal threatens to disenfranchise voters and disrupt the operation of multiple local governments in Boone County, Appellant the Town of Zionsville respectfully requests that the Court expedite briefing and consideration of this appeal.”

At the Dec. 1 meeting of the Zionsville Town Council, the council chose council president Jeff Papa as the person to take over as interim mayor for the course of 2015, prior to a full-time mayor being elected.

Papa said he will not take over the interim mayoral office or collect the interim salary of $10,000 until the courts authorize him to do so.