Column: May your heart be full


Commentary by Heather Kestian

As I sit and reminisce about the year gone by, I find that my heart is full. Once upon a time in my life, I never would have thought to have children or a family. I had far more important things to do in life. I had a career to develop. I had the world to see. I had heard time and time again, “you simply cannot have it all”, so I prioritized.

Work. Move up the ladder. Work some more. Move again. Until I realized one Christmas, this certainly cannot be what life is all about. Is it?

The next year that came was one full of wonder. I met the man who would become my partner in life. I know I could not have possibly chosen a better person for this journey through life. We traveled, we moved some more, and during one vacation, we thought something was missing—a mini version of us.

And boy, is our first child a version of us. This little man reminded me that sometimes you lack the ability to see who you really are. Until, of course, you are confronted with your reflection and you think, “Do I really do that?” Good gravy, that is a bit over the top! Then you think, that isn’t so bad, right? And after a few years, all of those antics are endearing and treasured, and you realize, a really funny person is standing in front of you, giving meaning to life before your very eyes. In these moments, my heart is so full I think it might explode.

More time passes, and right when you think you cannot handle one more thing, another one comes along. I have been searching for a way to prove my math teacher wrong and I finally have the proof: one plus one can be greater than two. My little men play with each other and love one another so fiercely that it makes me believe that two souls can be tied to one another through space and time. I look around again and my heart fills a little more.

As we await another addition to our family, I am drawn to think about the past. How different things could have been but for that one vacation where we wondered whether we should add to our family. And now, my heart grows a little larger to create more space for my growing love.