Carmel City Council recap


The Carmel City Council met on Feb. 16.

What Happened: An amended ordinance was introduced to define rules for tuition reimbursement.

What it Means: After some debate about including tuition reimbursement in the proposed firefighters union contract, new guidelines might be established. Under the new changes, a city employee can’t enroll in more than two classes at a time and the courses must relate to an employee’s career path with the city. Course reimbursements are subject to approval and the amount of reimbursement could be tied to the grades received in the course, meaning more money for better grades.

What’s Next: The bill was sent to the Finance, Rules and Administration Committee which met on Feb. 19.


What Happened: City Council President Rick Sharp sponsored changing some rules regarding installing “speed humps” in neighborhoods.

What it Means: The changes are minor and basically slightly redefine which streets qualify for “speed humps,” but most of the guidelines remain the same.

What’s Next: Rules were suspended and they voted on the matter, approving it unanimously.


What Happened: The Midtown planned unit development from Old Town Design Group remains in committee.

What it Means: Justin Moffett previously presented his $100-million-plus plan to transform part of Carmel between the Carmel City Center and the Carmel Arts & Design District. While the matter sits in the Land Use, Annexation and Economic Development Committee, the public hearing remains open.

What’s Next: Since the public hearing remains open, anyone can go to a Carmel City Council meeting and speak about this matter if they please.