Back in the Day: The Carmel Baby Show


CIC-COM-0414- Back in the Day-Baby Show

By Terri Horvath

Horses were not the only living beings displayed during the annual Carmel Horse Show held from 1907 to 1916. The baby show also allowed proud parents to showcase their young sons and daughters. This photo shows a line-up of the participants in 1910. Even though many oohs and aahs were shared for the babies, the hundreds of people descending on Carmel came for the equine competitions. At the time, many of the farms surrounding Carmel raised horses. The multi-day event, usually held in late fall, presented a variety of activities, including foot races for men and women across the downtown streets. From early morning until late in the evening, “streets were thronged,” according to one newspaper account. One writer wrote that the Carmel Horse Show was reminiscent of the old county fair, “the event of the year” for local residents. (Submitted photo)