July 22 Fishers city council recap


Compiled by James Feichtner

What happened: A request to approve a text amendment regarding the proposed Saxony sports complex facility was presented to the council. The amendment regards changes to the density requirements in order to allow for flexibility in its development. The amendment also dealt with the parking plan regarding the complex’s mixed-use facilities, arena and future hotels, office and retail nearby. The amendment would increase maximum parking to approximately 1,900 spaces.

Why it matters: The increase in parking and density will allow the proposed sports complex to properly accommodate visitors of its on-site facilities and nearby commercial developments. Council approved the text amendment.


What happened: A request for the approval of fiscal plans for the annexation of a 22.45-acre property at 126th street between Allisonville and Lantern Roads, and a 66.66-acre property at Southeastern Parkway between Florida and Cyntheanne Roads was presented to the council. An approval for the annexation of both properties was also requested.

Why it matters: The fiscal plans and annexations were approved by the council. The two properties are in relation to the planned unit developments known as The Reserve at Lantern and Whelchel Springs properties.


What happened: A request to approve a rezone of the Prairie Guest House from residential to commercial zoning was presented to the council.

Why it matters: The rezone comes in response to the owners of PGH wanting to expand its uses to include a yoga studio, a restaurant and a special event venue in its barn to hold events such as wedding receptions, fundraisers and reunions. Additionally, they would like to have a chicken coop of less than 20 chickens. The council approved the request.


What happened: A request to approve an ordinance vacating a drainage easement from the area located adjacent of Saxony Beach along Pennington Road was presented to council.

Why it matters: The city parks department is planning to develop a building known as Saxony Village Grand Hall which is near the easement. Moving the easement would prevent it from encroaching upon the building’s construction site. The council approved the ordinance.


What happened: A request to approve a resolution regarding an economic development agreement that the Town of Fishers entered into with Fishers Automotive Property, LLC in May of 2010 was presented to the council. Fishers Automotive was to develop a new auto mall along the west side of SR 37. As part of the project, both the town and Fishers Automotive committed to certain infrastructure improvements that would open the area to future development.

Why it matters: The EDA stated that Fishers Automotive must acquire any parcels in the Fishers Automotive allocation area prior to January 15, 2014 or they would be removed from the Fishers Automotive AA. That deadline has passed and the City is executing the terms of the agreement. This amendment will move any parcels not acquired or developed by Fishers Automotive Property, LLC or affiliates and place them into the SR 37 allocation area.