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Geist resident talks catholic faith on the air

By Renee Larr

MJ Krauter, answers to a boss bigger than most when she’s at work. Krauter, a Geist resident, hosts a radio show called Faith in Action on 89.1 and 90.9 Catholic Radio. Her show airs two times every day. It’s a local program that focuses on how people of faith are putting their ideas to help others to action.

“Since it’s local programming I really concentrate heavily on local people. It’s people who have made a difference in the community with their faith,” Krauter said.

The concept of a Catholic radio station was relatively new when Krauter heard about the idea from a friend.

“About 11 years ago a good friend of mine and her husband through prayer and lots of discernment decided to bring Catholic radio to Indianapolis,” she said. “She put out an email plea for volunteers. At the time I had five little rug rats around my ankles but I wanted to help and volunteer.”

Within months Krauter went from volunteering to handle the bookkeeping to being a paid part-time employee.

“I was here so much they asked if they could put me on the payroll. In a matter of three months I went from volunteering to a paid position. The reason I loved it was because they knew I had little kids so it was a job I could come in anytime,” Krauter said.

She filled in as host one day for a co-worker who was stuck and couldn’t get to the office. She felt guided by her guardian angel. While she wasn’t the first to create the concept of Faith in Action she has managed to put her own unique twist on the show—a woman’s voice. The idea behind the show is simple—to uplift and inspire.

“I think people need to be encouraged. So many people get discouraged so easily. I think all of us are searching for that light and that truth. What I want is to encourage you and give you that bright spot. We all need to moved to be moved to action,” Krauter said.

The show is marketed toward Catholics in various publications throughout Indianapolis but resonates with people of all faiths.

“It might take you a while to realize it’s Catholic. We’re not teaching doctrines and dogmas.You wouldn’t really know unless you hear me ask what parish you belong to…how this is faith based,” Krauter said.  “It’s about how are you connecting with people and making this world better.”

She feels there is one underlying commonality between her guests.

“I always ask how they get into,what they’re doing, what were the seeds, where did it start. One thing that is the same in every story,” she said. “They were always hungry for something more. Every single person.”

Krauter has learned the art of interviewing technique throughout the years.

“Many people come through that door nervous about being on the radio. There are two things that are true…when you’re talking about yourself you’re not nervous and when you’re talking about something you’re passionate about the time goes by like that,” she said.

With all her children grown Krater still loves the flexibility of her radio show. She can record the shows in advance which allows her to work on her own schedule. The flexibility allows her to babysit her grandson.

Krauter feels compelled by a higher power to tell people’s stories.

“I feel such a connection with humanity, our community and God when I do this show. And let’s face it. We’re all in this together. We all want to get to heaven and we all want better for each other. We all want to feel connected. I love that about this show. Ordinary people do something a little extraordinary.  I’m always thinking what more little thing can I do. There are so many people who have done such incredible things. They took one step they were open to the possibilities of what they could accomplish. That’s why I do it. I love hearing stories. It’s always an interesting story,” Krauter said.

For more information on Faith in Action visit catholicradio.org.

All about MJ

Favorite thing about living in Geist: “It’s like living in a state park! Beautiful tress everywhere and breathtaking water views,” she stated.

Favorite restaurant in Geist area: “Definite tie between The Grill (where everyone know your name and the pork tenderloin can’t be beat!) and Puccinis on Sunnyside because it’s where everyone goes after Saterday evening Mass at St. Simon’s. The staff is like family and the pizza is consistently superb!”

Husband: Chris, married for 35 years

Kids: Sam (Lyndsay and our grandson, Jude) 32; Anna 30; Rafe 26; Emily 24 and Elle 20. Sam and Rafe work for the family business. Anna is a nurse in private practice. Emily is a grad student at Ole Miss. Elle is at the Jacobs school of Music at IU.

Pets: two cats …Harry and Izzy and one dog..Wrigley (all rescues)

Dream vacation destination: “Hawaii,” MJ stated. “We’ve been all over the world, but this one is STILL at the top of my bucket list!”

Interesting fact: “Well most people know that I’m number 12 out of 14 children, but not many know that I got to interview “Dear Abby” (the late Abigail Van Buren) when I was on the newspaper staff in High School. What a thrill! She definitely helped to encourage my journalistic aspirations.”