Boone County Tennis Center hopes to build next to Zionsville Community High School


By Audrey Bailey

A group of tennis enthusiasts is raising funds to build a nonprofit tennis center near Zionsville Community High School. The proposed $1.5 million Boone County Tennis Center would have six indoor courts and an elevated viewing area to give a birds-eye view of the facility.

According to Derek Mandel, a BCTC board member, the idea was originally proposed in October 2013 when school coaches and local tennis players felt there were not enough local options.

“We just realized that there was a lack of court space for people that really wanted to play a lot at prime time,” Mandel said.

According to Mandel, BCTC hopes to start construction on the facility on S. 875 E. by next fall. BCTC is accepting donations from anyone interested in making the center a reality.

“People can invest who are interested in tennis, and buy memberships, or buy platinum memberships. So, for people that want to play, there’s that opportunity,” Mandel said. “Then, for people who don’t play tennis, they can also be involved and loan money as subordinated debt. But, they get their money back … with interest.”

BCTC is offering 10-year memberships, which include one-and-a-half hours of reserved court time each week for a decade, for $15,000. Five-year memberships are also available for $7,500. So far, the center has about $90,000 in pledges.

Rick Witsken, director of tennis management company Team Witsken, has been selected to handle the center’s tennis operations, including keeping the courts full and getting people excited about the new facility.

“There’s not like there’s a ton of these facilities in different communities, and the fact that it’s not-for-profit and has a lot of great, salt-of-the-earth board members that have the right perspective; it’s going to be in great hands if it goes,” Witsken said.

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