Noblesville West Middle School student explores flexibility


Commentary by Katelyn Pepples, 6th grader at NWMS

Flexibility means to show willingness to change or compromise. I interviewed a few NWMS students to get opinions about flexibility.

How do you see flexibility being used at NWMS?

Student Bergan Zebrauskas said flexibility is used when students are doing homework and fitting it in with their daily schedule. Students use flexibility in this way when they have had to balance their time wisely with extra-curricular activities. Bergan also said students use flexibility when their daily routine is changed.

Student Maggie Brechbill said she thinks flexibility is used when students are asking questions and having to change their answers. Also, when students do a project in a group, they need to be flexible when sharing different ideas.

Should students use flexibility more often?

“Students use flexibility very often; however, they still could improve in some areas,” Bergan Zebrauskas said. I think many students would agree with Zebrauskas’ statement. Some students may think they have mastered parts of flexibility but need to work on smaller parts of this soft skill. Maggie Brechbill and Lisa Zhukov both think students should work on not stressing out over problems and should try to be more flexible in resolving them. I think students need to use flexibility more often so they can master this soft skill and someday be rewarded for using flexibility in their jobs.

Is flexibility an important soft skill to have?

Most of the students I interviewed agree it’s important, because without it, life would be chaotic. Students with a lack of flexibility will not be open to new ideas, and their grades may suffer because of it. Flexibility gives us skills to be able to work and make a living someday. If students at NWMS use this important soft skill, it will help them be successful in the future.

In conclusion, I have learned flexibility is a necessary skill to practice everyday, and by using this, students are achieving goals. Flexibility is certainly represented at NWMS.

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