Westfield City Council approves budget, Bridgewater apartments


By Anna Skinner

The Westfield City Council met in regular session at 7 p.m. Oct. 12. The council’s next meeting will be held at 7 p.m. Nov. 9 at City Hall, 130 Penn St., Westfield.

What happened: The city council approved four parcels to be added in Chatham Hills.

Why it matters: The four parcels were not originally incorporated into the PUD, and one of the parcels will remain for agricultural use.


What happened: The council approved an amendment to the Bridgewater Apartment Communities.

Why it matters: 66 additional units will be constructed on 12 acres, including garage space for 74 cars and other amenities.


What happened: The council approved the 2016 budget for Westfield.

Why it matters: Members of the council said they tried to be responsive to concerns of the community and they are proud to approve the budget. “It’s a balanced budget, and it’s a very responsible budget. We’ve had a lot of input on this budget, and I’m very proud to recommend approval tonight,” said Jim Ake, vice president of Westfield City Council.


What happened: City council approved a tax abatement of the new headquarters from DuraMark Technologies Inc.

Why it matters: DuraMark Technologies Inc. will be constructed at 16450 S. Park Dr. According to the Indianapolis Business Journal, the tax abatement would equal $279,000 over the next decade. The new headquarters will create 18 jobs. Bill Bussick, president, said, “A lot of our employees do reside in Westfield and will bike or walk to work.” Employment is expected to grow by 85 percent each year.


What happened: The city council heard an introduction to request an amendment by Bridgewater Club Management LLC to incorporate land into part of the Bridgewater PUD.

Why it matters: This allows for expansion of the Bridgewater Parks Community as well as construction of a golf maintenance facility. A public hearing will be held at the plan commission meeting Nov. 2.