Cook delivers State of the City


Commentary by Erin Shockley

City of Westfield Hospitality and Volunteer Coordinator

The State of the City is always a time to reflect back on what has been accomplished in 2015 and what is to come in 2016. As a Westfield resident, I’ve always looked forward to hearing what great things are heading to Westfield and Mayor Cook’s vision for the coming year, but this year I got to play a key role in planning the State of the City and launching the city’s Westfield Welcome initiative.

I was hired on as the Hospitality and Volunteer Coordinator for Westfield. This year I have been focused on welcoming our visitors from around the world to Grand Park. We want our visitors to not only be impressed with all that Grand Park has to offer, but want them to know more about Westfield.

The city decided it was time to expand our hospitality initiative from coordinating our Grand Park volunteers to a city wide campaign, Westfield Welcome.

The Westfield Welcome website is a one-stop resource showcasing all the amenities our city has to offer. The website includes community information, business listings, events calendar and volunteer opportunities. A blog is also featured on the homepage to highlight new or exciting news. This website launched at this year’s State of the City.

The Westfield Welcome campaign was only one piece of Mayor Cook’s State of the City, which was titled “Writing the Next Chapter.” Mayor Cook is encouraging the community to decide what kind of city Westfield should become. One of the main ways you can get involved is by participating in initiatives like Westfield Welcome, Westfield City Council meetings and community groups like WeCAN. I urge you to take a look beyond your backyard and become a participant.

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