INDOT warns winter weather expected to impact evening commute


Current weather forecasts indicate scattered rain and snow showers will impact roadways in east central Indiana this afternoon and last through the evening hours.

Pavement temperatures are expected to remain above freezing throughout the daylight hours, but temperatures are forecasted to drop through the evening.

INDOT is planning to deploy patrols during the evening rush hours and through the night if needed to treat roads with salt if snow accumulates on roadways or if pavement remains wet and temperatures approach 32 degrees.

INDOT maintenance supervisors will continue monitoring a statewide network of pavement sensors, localized weather forecasts, and changes in observed road conditions to adjust their call-out of manpower, trucks and materials at 21 maintenance units throughout east central Indiana.

Safe winter driving

Motorists must consider their safety and the safety of others by adjusting their driving to the conditions. Scattered and mixed weather can mean roadway conditions may change from one section to another.  Most winter weather crashes are attributed to driving at an unsafe speed for conditions.  Drivers are urged to reduce speed, brake early and allow more distance to stop.  Remember:  “Ice and snow, take it slow!”

INDOT also reminds motorists to “see and be seen” by others while driving in winter weather.  Make sure all lights are clear of snow and ice and are functioning properly.  Turn on headlights, use turn signals and use windshield wipers that are in good condition.

Submitted content courtesy of INDOT