Opinion: Cherish Center, take a bow


We congratulate The Cherish Center at Riverview Health in Noblesville for achieving National Children’s Alliance associate membership status. The Cherish Center is a safe location, where child victims of intimate violence are interviewed.  A multi-disciplinary team including the prosecutor’s office, The Department of Child Services, law enforcement and trained child advocates work together to provide protection and justice.  An advocate from Prevail provides support for the victims and their families. The organization serves child victims of abuse – physical or sexual – more than 350 times each year. Presently, it is working to become fully accredited with the National Children’s Alliance. Its work and this new membership are outstanding.

* * *

Noblesville’s Hamilton East Public Library recently opened a digital-media lab, featuring equipment and software and an array of services for the community, up to and including photo and video production. The library continuously works to offer a wide variety of services and programming for citizens. Much of what is offered is available for people in the community who do not live in an area that makes them eligible to have a library card.

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We’re not taking up the cause of Donald Trump (R-Billions) here, but what we believe he was saying when he fired off incendiary comments about closing the United States to Muslims was this: Until this broken nation with broken systems can get its collective broken brain repaired, were are not nearly as secure as the government would have us believe. We should be demanding that our leaders do whatever it takes to achieve that. Instead, we’re too busy lining up at midnight for doorbusters. It’s just pathetic.