Opinion: Chief of staff enhances skills


Please join us in congratulating Todd Burtron, the chief of staff for the City of Westfield on completing a week-long intensive training course in executive leadership at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government. The course, titled “Leadership Decision Making: Optimizing Organizational Performance, “ utilizes theories from psychology, behavioral economics and neuroscience to teach leaders effective ways to answer tough questions, improve the accuracy of estimates and structure effective negotiations. Stated Mayor Andy Cook: “Westfield strives to create an atmosphere of continuous professional improvement amongst our leadership team. Todd’s participation in this program is just one example of how we are creating a more effective organization to better serve our residents and businesses.” The city stated participants in the decision-making program were selected from around the world. It provided an opportunity to interact with colleagues from diverse backgrounds and professions, as well as utilize cutting-edge research from experts in various fields. This experience, we expect, will serve Burtron and the city quite well.

* * *

Donald Trump (R-Billions), the would-be presidential frontrunner for the Republican Party, once again has opened mouth and inserted shoe leather. We’ve noted here previously how his blustery nature could one day catch up to him, and it appears that such has come to bear. He is taking shots from all sides for his incendiary comments about blocking Muslims from entering the United States. In addition, he is threatening to run for the presidency as an independent. That would only serve to further the dark theatre our political system has become. As for Jeb Bush (R-Florida) and Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-New York), who have lashed back at Trump, we wonder: Shouldn’t Bush and Clinton be tending to their own messes, as voluminous as they are?