Public unpleased with townhome project


By Anna Skinner

At the Dec. 7 Advisory Plan Commission meeting, a public hearing was held in regards to the proposed Bridgewater Townhomes.

The amendment to the Bridgewater Planned Unit Development would allow for detached townhomes to be built on the remaining undeveloped portion of the area at the northwest corner of Gray Road and Guerin Way.

The public hearing didn’t administer much support from other Bridgewater residents, specifically those living in the garden homes.

“One of our main concerns has been a transition that fits with the overall community between the townhomes and the garden homes,” said Doug Murray, president of The Garden Homes at Bridgewater Lakes Home Owners Association. “Overflow parking may move into the garden area if there is not enough parking for residents and guests of new townhomes. Streets are very narrow there, and we don’t really allow for on-street parking, and we don’t want to end up that way.”

Part of the proposed townhomes included extending driveways from 16 feet to 20 feet, as it had been shown that cars did hang over the driveway and into the street. However, the parking was not the only concern the public had.

“We don’t look forward to any increase of volume of traffic,” Murray said. “The main concern of all of us is a degradation of property values. While we are very excited and interested in the completion of the townhome area, we’re really looking forward to completing this in such a way to fit with the existing community.”

Many in attendance at the public hearing said they take pride in their homes and are skeptical about 140 new residents moving into townhomes. The overflow parking available for the townhome resident’s guests was situated close to the garden homes, and many residents also spoke about the unattractive view of a parking lot.

Other than the public hearing, no action was made on the Bridgewater Townhomes.