Kingston’s Music Showcase in Carmel adds new features

Kevin Hunt works on musical equipment at Kingston’s. (Submitted photo)
Kevin Hunt works on musical equipment at Kingston’s. (Submitted photo)

By Mark Ambrogi

Music has always been part of Kevin Hunt’s life.

“I’ve been playing in bands and dealing with PA (sound) equipment,” said Hunt, who plays for Next Degree. “I’ve been on staff at churches, dealing with their PA, putting bands together and teaching.”

Hunt joined Kingston’s Music Showcase in Carmel in April. Hunt and Kingston also provide PA and lighting for remote gigs, primarily for the bands who rehearse at Kingston’s. Hunt’s business, 60 Cycle Hum, offers PA and lighting systems, in-ear monitors, amplifiers and electronic drums.

“Kingston offers anything you want as far as a working band,” Hunt said.

Hunt, a 48-year-old Lawrence Township resident, also repairs guitars and basses. The term 60 Cycle Hum refers to sound multiple guitars make in the same room through the guitar amp at 60 Hertz.

Amy Thornburg, a piano and voice teacher, began managing The Studios at Kingston’s this fall. Thornburg said she is excited about having students in an environment with professional musicians.

“I love Kingston’s. It’s a family-run business where we all look out for each other,” Thornburg said. “Music is everywhere in all forms and levels so it’s the perfect platform to launch an education department. We are starting small and slow. I teach piano, voice and acting and have about 40 private students ranging from four years old to 50-plus years old. We are also offering guitar, bass, drums and possibly some brass lessons as well.”

Thornburg is working to get the word out to attract more students.

Kingston’s Rock Collective, a six-week program, also launched this fall. It forms bands with musicians who are starting out and want the chance to play in a rock band with other aspiring musicians. This program matches up guitarists, bassists, keyboard players, drummers and vocalists and offers group practices as well as private lessons in each instrument. The program concludes with a band performance for friends and family of the six new songs they learned.