Janet Jaros ends 20-year tenure as city’s last clerk-treasurer


Janet Jaros began her public servant career in 1989 as secretary in the clerk-treasurer’s office making $6.13 an hour.

“I was thrilled to have the job,” Jaros said. “I went from that job into the bookkeeper job and about 1995 Marilyn Conner came to me and said, ‘I’m not going to run again, and I think you should consider it.’ I did and thought, ‘OK, I can do this.’”

Jaros was elected to serve as Noblesville’s clerk-treasurer in 1996 and will end her fifth term today.

In each of her years, Jaros ran unopposed, but the clerk-treasurer position will no longer exist as Noblesville becomes a second-class city Jan. 1.

“I am the last clerk-treasurer, no one can do it better,” Jaros joked. “Sincerely though, I’d like to thank my loyal staff for their dedication. They make me look good.”

Jaros was born and raised in Noblesville. She said working for her city’s betterment was very fulfilling.

“I loved this job, love my community. I wanted to do the best I could for my name, my reputation but also the city. I didn’t consider myself a politician. There’s a lot of politics that go on, but I could sit back here in my office and do my job,” she said. “My name is my reputation, even now as I try to build my business. I had a judge once say I was the keeper of the purse, and that’s important. I never looked at those numbers and thought, ‘Oh, that’s money.’ They were numbers – a lot of numbers.”

Throughout her life, Jaros has seen Noblesville and Hamilton Co. change quite a bit. As clerk-treasurer for the past 20 years, she’s also seen the way government has changed and impacted the city – including a lot more financial rules and reports.

“The budget has grown because of all the department’s growth. We had maybe 100 to 120 employees when I started, and now we are at 375. Our boundaries have spread, and it takes more people to provide the services,” Jaros said. “The property tax caps have been a huge hit to the revenue. We’re in good cash shape, but we aren’t bringing in enough revenue to provide the services that need to be provided. It’s great for the homeowners; it’s just bad for the schools and the city. “

Every year since 1999, Jaros has been awarded the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting. Her other recognitions include being designated as a Certified Municipal Clerk in 2000, being named a Master Municipal Clerk in 2007 and winning the 2009 Financial Management Award from the Indiana Association of Cities and Towns.

As Jaros leaves municipal work, she will spend more time helping others plan their fun. In April 2013, Jaros started J Cruise Travel.

“I specialize in cruising because travel itself can be very overwhelming if you jump in and try to do it all. I know cruising better than any other type of travel. My goal for 2016 is to start branching out and looking at other options like all-inclusives and resorts,” she said.

Despite a background in weddings and planning, she decided a travel agent would be a less stressful job than a wedding planner.

“I planned our trips all the time,” she said. “I researched them, what they cost and where they’re going, so why not do it for others, too? It doesn’t cost any more to use me than to book on the internet, and sometimes I can get you a better deal.”

For more on J Cruise Travel, call 317-370-8751 or e-mail [email protected].