Letter: Enough is enough



It isn’t any wonder why some Noblesville residents are complaining about all the new developments going on in and around Noblesville, particularly around the Hamilton Town Center area.

I realize it is an understood fact that new businesses moving into the area, or new developments in homes, bring in tax dollars, which kicks up the city’s revenue. But some people are not happy about the cost to what use to be a beautiful pristine area of town. My family and I are originally from Northern California where we sought to escape the crowdedness of Southern California after being born and raised there, but Northern California began to get crowed as well as an influx of out-of-state people started moving in. California is too expensive, too crowded and too polluted to want to spend the rest of our lives there, and …So after much searching the demographics of so many other eastern-area states, we found Indiana. We made the move here in 2007 and love it here.

Noblesville in particular was attractive to us. It had excellent ratings on schools, crime was low, cost of living better than California, and job opportunities made it the ideal place to raise our family. Noblesville was beautiful, big green trees, vast fields of corn and other crops, conveniently located to anywhere you wanted to go and mostly, a mixture of the modern with history as is so evident in downtown Noblesville. Traffic wasn’t bad, stores never crowded, and there was always a sense of “freedom”, an “openness” not felt in larger cities. You could be in a residential area and just up a few blocks, find yourself in the country.

But now, things have and are changing. Developers have come in and bulldozed all the beautiful trees and some cornfields and replaced them with concrete and steel as one business after another has come in to roost. And that has brought in traffic, and the new housing tracks that are taking up their share of what was beautiful land, has brought in more people, making it crowded and noisy.  I never use to have to stand in long lines for anything when we first came here.  Now there are long lines for everything. And in looking at the police reports for our area, crime is now on the rise as all the new housing and developments have brought in undesirables from the Indianapolis areas. The demographics for Noblesville are pathetic now compared to what it use to be.

If I had my way, there wouldn’t be one more new business or housing development established here in Noblesvillle. Enough is enough, but as citizens, we know there is nothing anyone can do about it because it’s all about money. And yes, these new establishments afford us conveniences in that we don’t have to travel far to get to anything we need. But, if they’re going to build here, what we do need is more schools and more churches, not more fast food restaurants and strip malls. I guess the only way to get away from the crowds, is to move to the moon.

Rick Galang