Opinion: A scary good day


Today was a good day. True, I stepped in dog poop three times and briefly electrocuted myself. But overall, I place this particular Tuesday firmly in the “More Than Just Survived” category. Why? Well, I was doing what I love best — futzing around with my Halloween yard décor.

See, we Wilsons (really just me) take Oct. 31 very seriously. Our (my) goal is to be the best “Halloween house” in a three-mile radius, eventually five. Granted, we don’t have much competition right now, but I’m hoping by continually adding one life-size witch/vampire/Grim Reaper and two strands of orange lights each year, we’ll inspire others to pick up the torch (and a few pitchforks, and maybe a possessed scarecrow). Because honestly, when else can you trash your yard with strobe lights, fake webbing and Regan from “The Exorcist” and not be fined by the neighborhood association?

By the time you’re reading this, of course, the best holiday of the season will be over and done with, and I’ll be staring at a pile of plastic bones, black capes and dead batteries. Sadder still, I’ll be back at work and will have neither the time nor the inclination to clean up said junk heap. That’s another reason why today was so wonderful – my kids were at school while I was out frolicking in my faux graveyard, setting up Regan’s tea party. As luck would have it, my fall break does not align with theirs, and I’ve been forced to stay home all week without them (outward sigh, inward jubilation).

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll love my children. And lately, I’ve even started liking a couple of them. But they are exhausting, and unless I want to end up looking like the zombie I miraculously rigged up in the front maple, I need to plan moments where I can forget about the carpooling and cooking and be a kid myself.

So yes, I trod on squishy dog turds throughout most of the afternoon, and suffered mild electric shock while masterfully configuring 17 extension cords, but I definitely had a good day. Peace out.