Opinion: The Body Politic.


Oxford defines us thusly:  the people of a nation, state, or society considered collectively as an organized group of citizens – the body politic. We are one, whether at this moment we feel like it. Social media, television and even your friendly local newspaper seem especially full of political opinion. And, like a body enduring the challenge of a lengthy race, our extremities long for an end to the test of endurance. Limbs, heart and lungs all cry out for speedy conclusion. But our brain, mighty and exalted, commands that we push ourselves to a strong finish. Our body politic strains but will soon recover and find itself ready to compete again. We’ll sleep, recuperate and rebuild.

Yes, Election Day is finally approaching. To all who are eligible to cast a ballot and who have yet to exercise the right, go vote. Do it now or do it on our nation’s proper Election Day. But do it.  The year 2016, a year unlike many before it, has divided us into distinct candidate camps with disparate, some might argue desperate, points of view.  OK.  Yet it is our obligation to this body politic to participate.

Whatever our choices may be, there is respect in the act and commitment we make.  Libertarian, Democrat, Republican or Independent. This time Susan Brooks deserves another go. Todd Rokita, too. Carmel-raised Todd Young seems right for the Senate.  The best economic plan is Eric Holcomb’s. Then, choose Mike Pence and his running mate to ensure a Hoosier at the top on Inauguration Day. In claiming a preference, no offense is intended or warranted. Balanced on character, domicile, experience and abject benefit to our state, no choice is perfect or without worthy contestation. Let’s hope our body politic makes it across the finish line free from injury and still better because of the race.