Letter: Mayor supports referendum, requests others to vote ‘Yes’


To Westfield voters,

As Westfield’s Mayor, I meet with new residents on a daily basis. Every time I meet with them I ask, “Why Westfield?” The response I usually get is,  “I chose Westfield because of the great schools.” I also know this to be true because my children choose to live here based on the award-winning school district for their kids’ education.

Westfield is one of the best schools not only in the state, but in Hamilton County.  In order for our school district to be able to offer exceptional programs, hire quality teachers, and to be able to offer an award-winning education, you need to vote ‘Yes’ this November.

The Westfield Washington School District is one of the lowest recipients of school funding from the state. In order for the schools to continue to meet the demands of a growing population while maintaining the quality education our residents have come to expect, the district is asking voters to reinstate the referendum that passed in 2010.

I encourage you to support our schools and vote ‘Yes’ this November.

J. Andrew Cook, Mayor

City of Westfield