Fishers author launches third novel in mystery series, ‘The Man Who Defied Gravity.’


By Renee Larr

Local author Madalyn Kinsey is set to host a book launch party for the third book in her Vanessa mystery series, “The Man Who Defied Gravity”. The event takes place at Cafe Patachou at 49th and Pennsylvania streets Nov. 10 from 5 to 8 p.m. The event is open to anyone who might be interested in Kinsey’s works. Food and beverages will be served.


The books are set in Fishers and Noblesville in the 1960s. Kinsey drew from her own child and teen experiences visiting family in the two areas.

“It’s the third book in the Vanessa mystery series. It’s the same core group of characters which is led by Vanessa, the girl from Indianapolis who goes up to the family farm in Fishers. It’s kind of a fish-out-of-water scenario,” Kinsey said. “She’s kind of mocked by her country cousins as a city slicker. She’s formed a closer bond with them after the other experiences that happened in the other two books. It continues with that same dynamic among the cousins. Vanessa learns to overcome a lot of her fears and hesitations, and that’s the point of the books, that they have a trajectory for her.”

Readers can jump right in to the third book without reading the first two as Kinsey updates the reader.

“In this particular case, there has been a small fire in the family farmhouse which brings Vanessa back to the family farmhouse with her mother. Then she stays on because her cousin believes he’s seen a UFO, as crazy as that seems,” Kinsey said. “Here we are in the summer of ’67, a period in which there was a lot of focus on UFO’s. In this case, there is an intersection of a new neighbor who is a gruff old German man believed to be an ex-Nazi. Another theme in the book is tolerance for people who are different than you.”

Kinsey is an author by trade and has always loved writing.

“I dedicated all my time when I wasn’t at my day job to writing. It’s a form of madness,” she said.

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