Letter: When will Trump supporters realize buyer’s remorse?



I was struck by a recent quote in your opinion piece (“Now the real work begins,” published Nov. 15). “The establishment game is over and out.”

Perhaps you wrote this before Reince Priebus was named Chief of Staff. I don’t know. But when President Elect Trump names the RNC chairman (the very definition of “the establishment”), as his chief of staff, this is the opposite of “The establishment game is over and out.”

Honestly, I’m not sure what is scarier for America: that President-elect Trump just promoted the head of the Republican “establishment” as his Chief of Staff after indicating that he would “drain the swamp,” or that his Chief Strategist is an avowed White Supremacist who has made his living off of irrationally stoking the fears of average Americans.

At the time I write this, President-elect Trump and Paul Ryan are putting forth proposals that would drastically cut Medicaid, turn Medicare into a voucher system that would raise the costs of health coverage for seniors, and raise the age at which seniors could apply for those reduced and higher priced benefits from 65 to 67. Once this is done they plan on privatizing Social Security, putting this senior safety net into the hands of Wall Street Bankers – the same people who crashed the economy in 2008. (Note: I worked for a Wall Street Financial Firm for 10 years before starting my own small business here in Noblesville).

My only question is, when will Trump supporters like (you) realize buyer’s remorse?

Will this be when they realize that there will be no wall built because it’s impractical and too expensive? Will is be when they realize that our constitution does not allow for the rounding up of illegal immigrants and deporting them without due process? Will is be when seniors pay more for Medicare and receive less benefits? Will it be when Social Security is privatized and Wall Street destroys it? Will is be when President-elect Trump’s policies go into effect and add trillions of dollars to the National Debt?

You are right in saying that the silent majority will be silent no more. Hate crimes and rhetoric are already on the rise. Swastikas are being used to defame churches, synagogues, mosques, etc. And today I received an email from my children’s school superintendent warning us that we are already seeing a rise in hateful speech and student behavioral issues and that we should speak to our children about how to respond to such hateful remarks.

Unfortunately this is not the America that I was raised in, nor is it an America that I want to raise my children in.  As the coming weeks, months and years go by, I hope that you will acknowledge your role in this disturbing trend across America and that the “silent majority” will realize that in their anger and confusion and revulsion towards Hillary Clinton, they elected a man that promised to “Make America Great Again” and then did the exact opposite.

Tyler Gresh