Creekside Corporate Park receiving final touches


By Heather Lusk

Municipal services are active, but Creekside Corporate Park still has one small hurdle to overcome before the town of Zionsville has completed its responsibilities.


Thanks to the unseasonably warm temperatures the landscaping cannot be completed.

“In particular the red maple that has not gone dormant because we’re having such good weather,” said Wayne DeLong, director of planning and economic development for the town of Zionsville.

Until the trees are dormant they can’t be transplanted to their new office park home, but with landscaping scheduled for completion next year there are only a few other details still waiting, such as pathway work on Zionsville Road and entrance signs.

“As far as town-owned municipal services, those are active and ready to go,” DeLong said.

Services such as fiber optics, electric and gas by outside utilities  are underway or near completion.

“The project is in its final stages,” DeLong said.

Creekside Corporate Park, the 66-acre office park development south of Zionsville’s brick street, has dedicated one-third of its acreage to be maintained as green space.

The first tenant of Creekside Corporate Park, LIDS, will soon be joined by DK Pierce & Associates, whose building is under construction. Another dozen or so buildable lots have received “a steady amount of inquiry,” according to DeLong.

“Creekside is unique in the metro Indianapolis marketplace,” he said. “Therefore a party that would look to be within that project is also unique. There are certain businesses that desire to be within an office park that puts nature and conservation at the forefront of its design. There’s only a certain percentage of those out there, so we’re looking to capture a part of that percentage.”