Tailgater Christmas Shopping Part Two


Commentary by Joe Drozda and Bob Bley

The Coleman Portable Stove Oven Combo could make a good gift for a tailgater. (Submitted photo)
The Coleman Portable Stove Oven Combo could make a good gift for a tailgater. (Submitted photo)

Writing a column about tailgating requires more than giving recipes. It also obligates us to try out all kinds of equipment so that we can make recommendations to our readers of what to own to make their tailgating experiences better. Over the years, we’ve tried three types of flag poles, two types of ovens, scores of coolers, a dozen types of grills, different stoves, six different types of chairs and an almost endless number of other things like cushions with bladders so that you can sneak a beverage into the stadium. Also, we observe what other tailgaters use for their equipment and gadgets. We get their opinions on gadgets we think could be useful.

This past season, as always, we experienced fellow tailgaters looking at our tailgate equipment as they would pass our parking space. Some even stop to ask us about particular pieces of equipment. One item that drew extra attention was our Coleman Portable Stove Oven Combo. It looks just like a kitchen range, only a bit smaller. The neat thing is, it functions exactly the same as one you might have in your kitchen.

Its two 6,000 BTU burners and can hold one 12″ pot and one 10″ pot. We use them to hold things like a pot of chili or skillets for eggs and sausages. Its oven has an output of 15,000 BTU with a temperature gauge. It bakes just like one’s kitchen oven with a view-through door and two shelves that can hold two 12″ pizzas. We use it to heat breakfast casseroles, pizza and breads. But we also use it to completely bake biscuits, cornbread or cookies. This oven and stove are stainless steel and run for more than 90 minutes with all burners on high using a simple 16 oz. propane cylinder.

To compare this appliance to an average kitchen range, we turned to SFGATE’s home guide and found that the non-commercial kitchen range’s small burners operate at 5,000 BTU and their all-burner average is 7,000 BTU. Their ovens heat on average from 5,000 to 10,000 BTU.  So this Coleman model compares well to those in most home kitchens.

The reason we bring all these benefits up now is that this stove oven combo will make a great Christmas gift for your favorite tailgater. Coleman has it available on its  website (coleman.com) starting at $324.99, reduced to $259.99 and with a pop-up instant offer of $218.95. It is also available at Amazon and EBay, and if you are lucky, at a local hardware, sporting goods or big box outlet. Just go online and find one of these appliances and check out where to buy it. Your tailgater will love it, and so will you!