Letter: Clear your sidewalks – and be nice



Last week, I was driving by the Current in Carmel office and decided to stop in and ask them to remind Carmel residents that Carmel has an ordinance requiring them to clear their sidewalks after a snow. I (and many others in my neighborhood) enjoy walking each day and prefer to be outdoors if it’s not too cold as opposed to walking around a track in circles. Snow and wet leaves on the sidewalks make them quite dangerous, and if someone were to fall and be seriously hurt, a lawsuit could be filed against the homeowner where the accident occurred.

The Current staff was already out of the office for the holidays but a gentleman (I use that term loosely because no gentleman would speak with such disrespect to someone) was there. Unfortunately, I was so shocked that I did not ask him for his name. He did inform me that he was an attorney and that he dealt with snow removal. He informed me that Current had published that information last year and he saw no reason for them to publish it again. He then proceeded to tell me that I should just go to Dick’s and buy some cleats and to buy a cane. Even though I am a senior citizen and have lived in Carmel since 1965, I am quite healthy and have no need to use a cane when walking.

I’m not sure if he is employed by Current or by the city, but if that is the way they treat senior citizens, I now understand why we have so many problems with the younger generation. They have no one to teach them manners and respect.

All I was asking was for Current to remind Carmel residents to be kind to their neighbors and clear their sidewalks when it snows.  Does that warrant a lecture from an arrogant attorney?

Karen Opal, Carmel