Letter: Support Community Cares, Main Street



I would like to call attention to a very important organization and how residents of Noblesville can become more active in preserving a precious jewel in our county. One of the ways that a jewel becomes more precious and more sought after occurs when there are few to be found. This is the case with our beautiful and exceptional downtown Noblesville.

As a lifelong resident, I spent many early years riding my bike to friends’ homes in Noblesville (much less traffic in those days!), shopping with my mother at J. C. Penneys, Willits, Mister Ed’s, and even Craycraft’s Department Store downtown, and I treasure those memories. I loved going to the Western Auto Store and the bank with my dad on Saturday mornings, meeting friends as a teenager at Weldy’s Drug Store, shopping for shoes at Armstrong’s and just enjoying living in a small town “where everybody knows your name” and (perhaps foolishly) few people locked their doors. As the retired president/CEO of the Noblesville Chamber of Commerce – another organization which works tirelessly on behalf of businesses in Noblesville – I know how important economic viability is to our downtown square and that it takes an interest, an investment and participation by us all to make keep Noblesville special and unique.

Time marches on, but the efforts of local organizations like Noblesville Main Street have been crucial to the commitment of a viable, fun and safe downtown for residents and visitors alike. As I am completing a term on the board of directors of Noblesville Main Street, I would like to take an opportunity as the organization wraps up their “Community Cares” campaign, to ask that you consider donating to this important effort to keep our Noblesville downtown the crown jewel of Hamilton County. Noblesville Main Street, led by executive director Chris Owens and assisted by the board of directors, staff and volunteers, has been essential in preserving and promoting our downtown area. In particular, Mr. Owens, in my opinion, is one of the most dedicated leaders in the non-profit organization industry that I have witnessed in my 30-year career in nonprofit management. Kudos to him and all those who work to make Noblesville a very special place. Please support their efforts and find out more about Noblesville Main Street and how you can help at www.noblesvillemainstreet.org.

Sharon McMahon