Carmel Education Foundation Telethon returns Jan. 24-26


By Heather Collins

The 31st annual Carmel Education Foundation Telethon will take place Jan. 24, 25 and 26. CEF board members, grant winners and Carmel High School National Honor Society members will reach out to parents and past donors via telephone to request donations.

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CEF, founded in 1966, is one of the oldest education foundations in the U.S. and provides support to all 15 schools in the Carmel Clay Schools District. The mission of CEF is to support Carmel students in academic achievement and lifelong learning. CEF awards more than 65 college scholarships annually and helps to expand the resources of CCS.

According to Barbara Danquist, co-executive director of CEF, the foundation has paid for programs not covered through state or local funding. The goal of CEF is to enhance classroom learning and offer support to Carmel teachers.

CEF offers grants for a wide range of ideas, activities and programs throughout the school system.

Last fall, CEF awarded grants to Cherry Tree and Smoky Row elementary schools to provide students with flexible classroom seating options, including the options to sit, stand or use a stability ball. CEF also awarded grants to Mohawk Trails Elementary for its Sensory Success program as well as Woodbrook Elementary for a Lifeskills Sensory Zone.

Throughout the school system CEF has provided classrooms with iPads, 3D printers, percussion instruments, STEM enrichment kits, reading programs, Human Neuroprosthetics Interface equipment, National Rocket Competition funding and a classroom library, among other items.

“We consider ourselves like an angel that has come in to help fulfill some of the special ideas, special programs and special thoughts,” Danquist said.

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