Letter: Trump’s remarks should not be supported



Apparently, it is OK for someone to mock a disabled person (as long as they are a powerful figure), but it is not OK for someone to criticize this behavior?

Especially if she is a “lefty entertainer?”

Common decency and courtesy are disposable as long as it suits your political aims?

This was not campaign rhetoric, which is filled with acrimony and accusations. Trump was intentionally disparaging another human in person because of a physical condition.

I don’t know how you raised your children, but this was NOT how I was raised, nor how I raised mine.

You should be personally embarrassed for supporting this behavior in print and should apologize to your readers for your lapse in good judgement.

I am sure that the vast majority of good people in Carmel, regardless of their political views, have a higher degree of personal ethics than what has been displayed by Mr. Trump in this episode (or by you two in supporting it).

Political disagreement is one thing. This was quite another.

Jack Cain, Carmel