Letter: ‘Fear’ doesn’t make America great



I was pleased to read the February 7, 2017 Letters to the Editor from Erin Vahrenkamp and Jim Blessing. My husband and I moved this past summer to Carmel from Glencoe, Illinois. We love Carmel as it offers so many incredible services. We marched in Indianapolis on January 21st and we voted for Bernie Sanders in the primaries and Hillary Clinton in the November election. When we moved, we were concerned at some of the policies former Governor, now VP Pence, supported. We recently listened to Governor Holcomb’s State of the State address – we were impressed with his 5-point agenda. He seems genuinely focused on making decisions that are good for the people of Indiana – not rooted in partisan politics.

We are very concerned at the governmental “style” of President Trump. We are not pleased that partisan decision-making precedes making decisions that are in the best interest of ALL Americans. A fear-based style of governing is not what makes America “great”. During one of the most challenging times in our history (1941-1945), we had a President who assured all Americans that “we have nothing to fear, but fear itself.” I encourage every voter to continue to vote for candidates who inspire us to be the best Americans we can be, candidates who have integrity, candidates who are well-versed in history, current events, and the issues facing our country and world – no matter their political party!

Shelley Carey