Letter: You can do better 



Typically, I find the Current editorial cartoons thoughtful and entertaining.  The most recent one, however, is totally out of character and somewhat disgusting.  It depicts a caricature of President Trump imagining a terror threat from a poor little kid just trying to get into the country.  The Trump pig is referring to his own skin color as “freakish orange”.

Can you imagine the outcry if our ex-President was hypothesized as derogatorily commenting on his skin color?  Very poor taste!

As for the hint that poor little kids should not be considered a treat, one simple Goggle would have revealed to Mr. Campbell the reality of ISIS training children to be terrorists (e.g.http://www.nydailynews.com/news/world/isis-training-children-behead-launch-terrorist-attacks-article-1.1921995).

You can do better, Tim.

Frank McMurry