Letter: Taxpayers should vote yes for the referendum



In the upcoming referendum, I will be voting YES! Although all taxpayers should be aware of how the property tax cap and school funding formula impacts their school community, I will not focus on this aspect. After attending multiple meetings to gain information about the pattern of growth and building structures, I am convinced that the Westfield administration has thoroughly examined all viable options and put forth their best plan for our rapidly growing district. These highly skilled, educated, professional administrators who work day-to-day to serve our Westfield students, families and community, are far more qualified to commentate on the challenges the district faces and how to best meet the needs of current and thousands of future students. My husband and I specifically moved to Westfield for the school system. Therefore, I am willing to put forth additional funds to ensure our future leaders safe, efficient and modernized building structures. As an educator in a neighboring district, I find the notion that our administrators are “salivating over taxpayer money” offensive. These are educational experts who work every day for the betterment of our children and the community. I trust, based on the facts provided, that this referendum is not only needed but essential, and without hesitation, I will vote YES.

Carrie Nonte