Opinion: Trail of tears


Commentary by Danielle Wilson

The emotional breakdown continues, my friends. You may recall my pitiful sobs in a Chick-Fil-A drive-thru a few weeks back thanks to the looming graduation of our oldest. I thought I’d gotten it out of my system, which as Doo likes to point out, is typically cold-hearted and devoid of emotion. But noooooo, the tears keep on comin’.

Next on the list of triggers was the Academy Award-nominated movie “Lion,” which I watched on the recommendation of a younger sister. Curse you, Christina! I cried for 1 hour and 39 minutes straight, plus an additional 20 minutes while I went to pick up a daughter from practice. And let me tell you, navigating 14 roundabouts through gut-wrenching sobs is not easy. “Lion” is a beautifully made film with fantastic acting, but if you aren’t in the mood for pathetic hiccups and free-flowing snot, or if you have to drive in Carmel, take a hard pass.

Then I headed into the second-to-last week of school, which at the high school level is perhaps the most stressful. The threat of projects, speeches and final exams can overwhelm even the most capable of students, resulting in me becoming a makeshift therapist (never mind that other people’s distress makes me extremely uncomfortable, and that I like giving hugs as much as I enjoy sopping up dog vomit while it’s still warm). So I spent several days listening, empathizing and encouraging, sometimes to kids I didn’t even teach, only to return home each afternoon to deal with my own set of teenagers, one of whom isn’t coping too well, either. She wound up boo-hooing in the shower for a solid 12 minutes one night. Why? I have no idea, because she won’t talk to me. Mom-guilt had me doing my own shower meltdown shortly thereafter.

Oh, and then a best friend from childhood called to tell me her dad had died.

That’s it. I’m officially, emotionally spent. Peace out.