VonIns is Teacher of the Month

From left, sponsor Edge Guys Heating and Cooling representative Vicki Burdick, student Alex Smith and teacher Chuck VonIns. (Photo by Sadie Hunter)

May’s Edge Guys Heating and Cooling Teacher of the Month was Chuck VonIns, a fourth-grade teacher at Hinkle Creek Elementary in Noblesville. His student, Alex Smith, nominated him. As a reward, Smith won a pizza party for her classroom, courtesy of Papa John’s, and VonIns won a $50 Visa gift card from Edge Guys, Current’s Teacher of the Month sponsor.

Here is Smith’s winning essay:

“Mr. VonIns from Hinkle Creek Elementary School is the best teacher. He teaches things really well and does it in a fun way. He makes boring things really interesting and exciting. History is now my favorite subject because of him. I think I would have hated it if I didn’t have him for a teacher. We go outside and reenact stuff for history, and we (play) multiplication kickball. He has great stories to tell. He made the year go by very fast. He never wants to stop teaching. I think he’s the best teacher, and I want everyone to know it!