Tenderloin Tuesday: Q&A with a tenderloin master chef

ND 0620 Tenderloin Tuesdays Q and A2
Executive chef Scott Doughert of Carmel will be serving up discounted tenderloin sandwiches as part of Hamilton County’s Tenderloin Tuesdays. (Submitted photo)

Summer is here, and that means Tenderloin Tuesdays are right around the corner. Tenderloin Tuesdays run June 27 through July 25 and is the time of year when 25 restaurants across  Hamilton County will be participating in serving up an Indiana favorite: tenderloin sandwiches. Upland Carmel executive chef Scott Dougherty of Carmel is one of those that will be making tenderloins this summer.

Q: How long have you worked at Upland Carmel?

A: I have worked for Upland Brewing Company for 7 years. I moved up to Carmel from Bloomington to help open the Upland Carmel Tap House four years ago.

Q: What sets your tenderloin apart from the rest?

A: Our tenderloin is butchered and pounded from whole pork loins in-house. We then hand-bread them with Japanese bread crumbs.

Q: Which Upland beer pairs well with your tenderloin?

A: I would recommend our lighter beers, Campside or Champagne Velvet. Our Dragonfly IPA would also be good if you like your beer on the hoppy side.

Q: What toppings do you put on your tenderloin?

A: We keep it simple with lettuce, tomato and red onions, and then provide an array of condiments at the table.

ND 0620 Tenderloin Tuesdays Q and A1
The tenderloin sandwich at Upland in Carmel is just one of 25 tenderloins diners can try over the next few weeks. (Submitted photo)

Q: What discount is Upland offering for Tenderloin Tuesdays?

A: Our tenderloin is normally $10 and we will be offering it for $7 on Tenderloin Tuesdays.

Q: What other restaurants in Hamilton County have a tasty tenderloin, and what makes it so good?

A: Syd’s in Noblesville has a really good tenderloin. It’s beer battered and delicious.

Q: Why do you think tenderloins are an Indiana staple?

A: We raise a lot of pigs in this state. It’s one of our biggest exports.