No proof of Russian hacking in Indiana voting systems

Recent national media reports claim that Russian hackers might have infiltrated as many as 37 states’ voting systems, but local officials are saying Indiana was untouched.

Richardson Rep. Kathy

According to Hamilton County Elections Administrator Kathy Richardson, there is talk that Russian hackers got into a voting system used by multiple U.S. states, called VR Systems.

However, she said that only six Indiana counties use VR Systems- Cass, Montgomery, Wayne, Vigo, Vanderburg, and Floyd- but those six were untouched.

“The Secretary of State told us… none had evidence of being hacked,” Richardson said.

Richardson said as for Hamilton County, there is no chance Russians would be able to hack anything because “the voting system is not attached to the internet in any way,” noting that everything from the tabulation to the laptops used for voting are not hooked up to internet.

“Most Indiana voting systems are that way,” Richardson said.

She added that the only thing in regards to elections that is linked to the internet is voter registration, which can be done online.