IT Directors Council aims to support professionals who make ‘the world go ’round’


By Mark Ambrogi

Doug Theis saw a need as director of marketing strategy for Expedient, which was a new position for the Carmel-based data center in 2015.

CIC DOUGH 0620 IT Council

“We want to do more thought leadership-type work in the marketplace and do more community outreach to the IT community,” Theis said. “It’s mostly marketing.”

He said there is a strong technology community in Indianapolis, and that most networking groups are focused on application development and startups, which often overlap.

“Those communities are extremely well-served,” Theis said. “However, the IT infrastructure, people that have been staff and IT professionals at the medium and the large size companies in Indianapolis, have been making the world go ’round and making businesses successful since the 1960s. But there has never been a place for them to meet up or network or get intentional training in the work they do. It’s not the flashy side of tech, rather than the bring your lunch and go to work side of technology.”

So Theis founded the Indy IT Directors Council, which is open to IT directors, managers and those that aspire to those positions.

The June 27 meeting will be held at the Indianapolis Museum of Art from 8:30 to 9:45 a.m. John Frank, chief administrative officer of UnitedHealthOne, will be the speaker. Meetings are free to attend.

The first two meetings were held at Expedient.

“Our goal was to get these people together to make them better leaders tomorrow,” Theis said. “We feel there is just as much talent in Indy as there is on the coast, but it’s largely underdeveloped. So our hope is by holding these meetings that we will help those leaders of tomorrow and leaders of today, quite frankly, get better at their jobs. We’ve had about 40 people attend each of the first two meetings.”

Following the morning session, there has been a pay to participate IT leadership boot camp, but the registration sessions are filled up for the remainder of this year.

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