Mayor’s Yellow Tie Ball raises more than $25K for Westfield Youth Assistance Program


By Anna Skinner

The 10th annual Mayor’s Yellow Tie Ball was held June 17. The event raised more than $25,000 for the Westfield Youth Assistance Program.

“Of all the things we have done, the thing I am most proud of, the thing that is the most impactful that this city has done is the Westfield Youth Assistance Program,” Mayor Andy Cook said during the event.

Glasses of prosecco were sold for $50 each for a chance to win a Moyer Fine Jeweler’s bracelet. Prosecco sales totaled $5,000 raised for WYAP.

Judge Paul Felix shared his own personal story about growing up without a father and how were it not for caring adults in his life, he would’ve fallen through the cracks.

“The criminal justice system we are a part of is actually hurting the children when they are placed in the system,” Felix said. “We are preventing children from ever getting to Chief (Joel) Rush or (Judge) Steve Nation or myself. The Youth Assistance Program is this community’s safety net. It comes at a cost of less than one-tenth of the juvenile justice system. I want my story to motivate you. Become involved in and become passionate about the Youth Assistance Program. Seek out ways to be a part of our community’s safety net.”

Danyele Easterhaus, executive director for Student Impact, also spoke. She said she decided to work with WYAP to fundraise because the program and Student Impact share a passion of helping kids.

“Every single child born today is an at-risk kid,” Easterhaus said. “Every kid is one caring adult away from being a success story.”

Funds raised went toward providing services for WYAP mentees, such as athletic services, family counseling services or cognitive therapy.

“We help connect them to the services they need,” Felix said.

WYAP has been the beneficiary of the Mayor’s Yellow Tie Ball for seven of its 10 years. Last year, the event took place in the Grand Park Event Center, with proceeds benefitting the Hamilton County Youth Assistance Program. This year, the program returned to the Bridgewater Club, where 100 percent of proceeds benefitted WYAP.

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