Jersey Girl’s Italian Ice offers spin on summer treat


By Anna Skinner

Meghan Doran grew up in New Jersey. When she moved to Westfield, she decided to create a business that offered a little taste of home.

CIW Business Local 0627 Italian Ice
Meghan Doran, owner of Jersey Girl’s Italian Ice, serves up a scoop of the cool treat during the Westfield Farmers Market. (Submitted photo)

“Italian ice is very popular on the East Coast,” said Doran,  owner of the new Jersey Girl’s Italian Ice. “It’s a big, popular dessert that reminds me of my childhood. When I moved to Indiana, it was a product I couldn’t find. I began trying to make it in my own kitchen and realized a lot of people weren’t familiar with Italian ice.”

Doran said customers initially think Italian ice is similar to snow cones, but she said it’s much different.

“(Italian ice is) a product not many people are familiar with,” she said. “It’s very similar to sorbet. It’s very similar in consistency, but it’s a lot sweeter. A lot of people compare it to shaved ice and snow cones, but we are very different from that product because we make it completely different than your average shaved ice product. We have a unique freezing process where we add flavoring through the freezing process, which creates a smoother product with more flavor.”

So far, Doran said she’s received lots of positive feedback. Jersey Girl’s Italian Ice is a mobile vendor available at the Westfield City Market from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturdays through August. Doran also will serve her product during Westfield Rocks the Fourth.

Doran typically has five flavors on her cart but can make many different kinds. Some are even natural. Doran is a registered dietician.

Prices range from $3 for a small size to $4.50 for a large. For more, visit