Zionsville Presbyterian Church to launch Great Banquet retreat in Brazil

CIZ COM 0822 Great Banquet Brazil
A team of 17 people from Zionsville Presbyterian Church will soon travel to Brazil to help launch the Great Banquet retreat. (Submitted photo)

By Renee Larr

Zionsville Presbyterian Church will soon send a team of 17 people to Brazil to carry on the tradition of the Great Banquet. ZPC has been hosting the three-day, nondenominational spiritual retreat at its building since 1992.

The idea to take the Great Banquet to Brazil was inspired by a 2012 missionary trip.

“My wife, Kay, and I took a mission trip to Brazil in 2012. On that mission trip I shared my faith journey and the impact the Great Banquet had on my relationship with Christ,” said Steve Wright, a ZPC parishioner. “It planted a seed, and a missionary began asking questions about the Great Banquet.”

Rev. José Pezini is a Brazillian missionary living in the U.S. He participated in a Great Banquet at ZPC and felt the concept would work well in Brazil.

“He wanted to come participate in a weekend, which he did, along with two others,” Wright said. “They felt they wanted to start the process and possibly have a Great Banquet in Brazil.”

In addition to the 17 ZPC parishioners will be 19 Brazilians who live in the U.S. that will assist with the Great Banquet in São José do Rio Preto, Brazil.

“We anticipate 20 at each the men’s and women’s banquets. They are there for the entire weekend. It’s a 72-hour event,” Wright said. “Throughout the weekend there are a total of 15 talks. There is singing, prayer, fun activities and good food.”

The event is Sept. 14 to 17 for the men’s retreat and Sept. 19 to 22 for the women’s retreat. Members at ZPC who aren’t attending can assist by signing up to pray for attendees and the event.

For more, visit zpc.org/great-banquet/.