Column: Questions from the last few weeks from the Indiana Design Center studio of Randy Sorrell at Surroundings.


Q38. Will the recent hurricanes have any impact on material supply and costs?

  • Likely. When Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, we felt a supply pinch on lumber, drywall and other supplies resulting in price increases and delays in materials deliveries.

Q39.  What criteria is necessary to determine if a bathroom or kitchen project is a facelift candidate or requires a complete remodel?

  • Homeowner vision is the primary driver, followed immediately by budget. The quality of the existing cabinets, counters and flooring, ROI conversations and expected time to remain in the home are strong influencers, too.

Q40. Can cabinets be painted with a brush or must they be sprayed?

  • If you want them to look new and professionally done, sprayed. New products have improved the roll/brush results, though.

Q41.  Thrill us with details on the kitchen remodel project.

  • The layout on this Carmel kitchen flowed well so there was no need to expand or adjust the functionality.
  • The previously red cabinets were solid oak, a current design and in good shape…just a little tired. That allowed us to save the cabinets and offer a nice coat of Sherman-Williams snowbound paint after considerable preparation. It married well with the silver strand walls.
  • The cooking island is a contrasting gunmetal for punch.
  • Granite counters were still fresh after being replaced a decade ago.
  • Italian Alps Glazed backsplash tile with light gray grout and a silver Schluter metal edge encouraged the modern vibe hoped for.
  • New door pulls, hinges, sink and edgy faucet finished the remodel.

Kitchen and bathroom upgrades continue to drive the remodel industry and refresh homes quickly.