Letter: The Insulter in Chief



This is why the left has so much disdain for those on the right. These two letters from apparent Trump supporters, Ann and Tom, that have the audacity to ask where good manners have gone while supporting a man who is The Insulter In Chief – a man who wouldn’t know good manners if they smacked him in the face. It seems we can’t go a day without Mr. Trump insulting someone via his early morning Twitter tirades or “off-script” ramblings where he says what he really thinks rather than what polite company has advised him to say. Now, his supporters have the audacity to ask where Danielle Wilson learned her manners? Time to turn that self-righteous indignation back upon yourselves, Ann and Tom. And while you are at it, please look up the definition of the word hypocrite, then look in the mirror. Sigh…

Tyler Gresh




Insufferable (adjective): too extreme to bear, intolerable, having or showing unbearable arrogance or conceit

Regarding letters to the editor (in the Sept. 19) edition condemning Danielle Wilson’s column in which she used the word “insufferable” referring to our current president. I believe it is a very appropriate word to describe our president, even though she might have gotten a bit off track jumping from her daughter to the president. Maybe because he is in our face every day with his tweets.  No, I don’t have “libsteria” (new word made up supposedly combining liberal and hysteria). I’m a concerned citizen about an insufferable person being in such a powerful position. Call it “bad manners,” if you will, but the previous administration had plenty of “bad manners” directed its way.  I am so grateful that we have checks and balances in this great country to control out of control people such as our current, arrogant and conceited leader.

Susan McNeal



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