Letter: Credit rating downgrade, roundabouts reasons for concern



Thank you for including the S&P rating report in the Nov. 21 edition of Current. The findings may be a surprise to a few, but not to many. I think most engaged people who live in Carmel knew that it couldn’t last forever. The debt-to-income ratio, as the article states, has been more and more off balance with each passing year, especially since Mayor Brainard “won” his second and third terms up to the current administration. I doubt it will happen, but the city council had better get a hold of things and stop the madness.

My second point, which is attached to the first, regards the roundabouts, especially the one at 116th Street and Hazel Dell Parkway. Recently, I was headed east, taking my grandson to school. An accident happened just before I got there. Two police officers were there, and a third pulled up and blocked the lane in which I was traveling. A few minutes passed and one of the previous police cars pulled out and went just in front of the accident cars. I proceeded to take my grandson to school.

I can only assume it was because of the south-bound, far-right turn lane, in which you can also go straight, thus, an unsuspecting driver was not ready or realized that the lane could go straight. The following day I was almost that driver. I had checked “the circle” to see if any drivers were going to turn and head south on Hazel Dell, as a couple did. As I was still looking for traffic, a driver who appeared to be going above the speed limit of 40 mph came blowing through the roundabout and almost hit me.

Is it time to do something about that particular lane before someone gets killed?

Ron Eskew, Carmel